Saruni Wellbeing Spaces


In collaboration with Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees (Stresa, Italy) and its world-famous spa – Centro Benessere Stresa, Saruni runs the Maasai Wellbeing Space at Saruni Mara. It is a unique feature in the Masai Mara: in the most serene and relaxing environment, our guests enjoy massage and wellness treatments under the supervision of highly-trained local staff.

The Wellbeing Space at Saruni Mara and Saruni Samburu

Considered two of the most professional and inspiring ‘beauty centres’ in Kenya, the Maasai Wellbeing Space at Saruni Mara and the Samburu Wellbeing Space at Saruni Samburu have been created by Kenyan designer Mark Glen. In the Masai Mara, the Wellbeing Space is a private cottage hidden in our valley’s olive and cedar forest and devoted to the use of local plants for beauty and relaxation treatments. In Samburu, it is an isolated house with awe-inspiring views over the conservancy and a totally open front.

The new techniques combine sophisticated methods developed at Centro Benessere Stresa with ancient Maasai and Samburu wisdom and knowledge. For instance, we use Olsinoni leaves (Lippia Javanica) for their detoxifying and purifying properties. Also we use pure gel from Usuguru (Aloe Kedongensis) and compresse of Olleleshwa leaves (Tarchonantus Canphorantus) to remove skin impurities and to improve the natural regeneration of the cells. In pedicare we complement more traditional products with Ol-Emoran leaves (Hoslundia Opposita).

Your Relaxation Is Our Joy

A half hour-long post-game drive or pre-game drive back & neck massage is included for free (per room per stay) in your safari package. Among the other treatments on available, you can choose between the lymphatic drainage massage, decongestive or nourishing or purifying facials, manicare, pedicare and the popular sport massage.

All with an open view of the forest, where bushbuck, elephant and waterbuck roam freely.

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