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Mara Tree Planting Eco-Project

A little over a year ago, the Saruni Mara team, themselves local community members, started an eco-tree planting community project recycling Tetra pack juice & milk packets. What better way to give back than by literally, giving back, to the earth and to its’ habitants?!

It’s a Win-Win: Saruni gets to recycle packets from lodge consumption reducing waste, removing unsightly & destructive litter and maintaining its Eco-GOLD rating status whilst the community gets an invaluable lesson in responsible reforestation and sustainable practices for the future.

Indigenous tree saplings are collected by the Saruni staff from surrounding fauna, planted in the cartons, and taken to local schools and other public facilities. With the enthusiastic participation of teachers & children alike, holes are dug, and each student gets to make a difference by planting his/her very own sapling – with a little help from the Saruni guides!

Over 500 samplings have been despatched to N’goswani and Olkimitare Primary schools to date.

At Olkimitare School, each student is responsible for planting his/her very own tree, and rewarded for taking care of the tree going forward. The head teachers and school environment teachers are thrilled with the initiative and have been supervising it with great excitement.

Be part of the action – watch Saruni guide Dixon getting stuck in below!

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