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The Annual Great Migration

PAYABLE EXTRA – NATIONAL RESERVE RIVER CROSSINGS: From July to October-November (depends on the year), the world famous ‘Great Migration’ reaches the Masai Mara ecosystem from the Serengeti when over 2 million animals – zebra and wildebeest (‘gnu’) are the most prominent – head north and cross the Mara river (“the river crossings”) in huge herds to search for water and fresh grass. The biggest misconception, however, is that the migration is only about the river crossing. Driving through the plains during this period, guests bear witness to thousands upon thousands of wildebeest and zebra; a truly astonishing sight. This far-reaching vision also makes up the ‘Great Migration’. It’s the greatest natural show on earth. If guests wish to try their luck at witnessing a river crossing (it’s not guaranteed), the costs involved are exclusive use of vehicle at US$350 per day and daily conservation fees to enter the Masai Mara National Reserve apply (if the crossing happens within this area).

Our lodge managers will assist you in planning your stay with us, day by day, upon your arrival.

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