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The Singing Wells

Sera Community Conservancy, Northern Kenya is home to a series of natural and excavated wells dotted around its 350,000 hectares-large landscape.
A chance-in-a-lifetime experience for guests staying at Saruni Rhino to bear witness to a daily occurrence from the ancient past – local pastoralists bringing their livestock to drink, digging up water from the wells to fill up holders and troughs, singing as they go. A rare treat to see the local community singing proprietary songs recognisable only by their own livestock to encourage them to come to the wells to drink.

Image by Stuart Butler for Saruni

The Fifty Wells, ‘Kisima Hamsini’, a series of (50!) springs is near to the camp. The Singing Wells are also a driving distance away and can be visited with some notice.

In order to preserve the authenticity of these ancient traditions, photography and filming is NOT permitted at any of the well sites. Please respect the local culture by not taking photos or videos. Saruni has been granted permission to share the photographs in our Singing Wells Photo Gallery HERE in order to promote the experience, as agreed upon with the community.

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Image by Stuart Butler for Saruni

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