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Saruni Wild

Saruni Wild is a tented camp elegantly and comfortably furnished with all the necessary luxuries of a wild yet classic safari. The camp is located in the heart of the Masai Mara plains, on the border between Lemek and Mara North conservancies.

Surrounded by an expanse of pristine wilderness, the camp has the most traditional Masai Mara setting. The wildlife thrive right next to its tents. Enjoy endless views, fire-lit meals under the vast African sky, and guided game drives led by Masai warriors.



6 Reasons to Visit Saruni Wild

Elegantly styled, each tent has a large veranda with endless views over the vast open clearings of the ecosystem. The Maasai warriors come and dance at night around its big campfire. Saruni Wild’s location boasts a large resident population of all the species that make the Mara the most famous wildlife reserve in the world, starting with its predators.


This is true Africa and we have trained our guides to the highest standard to provide a thrilling, adventurous but comfortable experience.

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