Where we are

Saruni Samburu is located at the heart of the Kalama Community Wildlife Conservancy, about 7 km from the Northern border of the Samburu National Reserve (accessed through the Kalama Gate). It also borders Ngutuk Ongiron to the west, Namunyak Community Conservation Trust to the north and Sera Community Wildlife Conservation to the north east.

To see exactly where Saruni Samburu is located in Samburu and for directions when driving from Nairobi, please download the PDF below.


About Kalama

Kalama lies in an area of 95,000 hectares of Girgir Group Ranch in Samburu land, west of Archer’s Post. With a population of only 2,000, the main livelihood in the area is livestock, mostly camels and goats. Centered around a core conservation area of 3,150 hectares, Kalama represents a crucial migratory corridor between northern and southern conservation areas of this spectacular region of Kenya. Large herds of elephants cross Kalama in their migratory routes between the different conservancies that are under the NRT umbrella.

Kalama members have coexisted with the Samburu National Reserve for over 40 years, sharing revenues and wildlife. Access to Saruni Samburu is through the Kalama airstrip or the Oryx Samburu Airstrip, where several airlines land every day with flights from Nairobi (Wilson Airport), Lewa and Meru. Northern Kenya is one of Africa’s last true wilderness areas. The absence of fences makes it one of the few places left that allows for the free movement of wildlife across a vast area. A red landscape dominated by acacia-grassland mosaic, with dramatic dry upland/montane forests rising from its plains, it is home to a wide diversity of species. Inhabited by pastoral tribes with rich traditional histories that are collectively striving both to protect its ecological integrity and their own livelihoods there is no better way for visitors to experience the real Africa.

The GPS coordinates of the lodge are: 0°42’20.9″N 37°31’51.8″E
Closest airstrip is Kalama Airstrip, about a 40 min’ game drive from the lodge.

To see the locations of all the lodges in the Saruni collection across Kenya, download the ‘Saruni Lodges Location Map’ below.