Sera Community Conservancy has much to offer – stunning landscape, large herds of elephant sighted daily, incredible birdlife (thousands upon thousands of rare Lichtenstein sandgrouse), fascinating Samburu culture with ancient traditions to name just some of the reasons to visit. However, it is their community of endangered black rhino protected within the 54,000 hectares Sera Rhino Sanctuary that has attracted the world’s attention.

Translocated from multiple sources in a covert operation in 2015, there are currently 10 adult rhino (5 male & 5 female) and 2 calves (1 female & 1 male) ranging in ages from 1 year old (Loijupu), 2 years old (Ntangaswa), 6,7,8 years old, to 13, 15 and 18 years old (Loseku – the old man!)

Now totally at ease in their new territories, with rumours of possible further pregnancies, the Sera Conservancy Rangers have had the total pleasure of getting to know these magnificent creatures – each one with their very own distinct personality, character & traits.