Name meaning: ‘The First Arrival’ in Maa.

  • Name in English ‘Nasha’
  • Sex: Male
  • Date of Birth: 7/11/00
  • Translocated from: Nakuru National Park
  • Date of arrival at Sera: 20/5/15


The oldest rhino at Sera, Losieku is a big male who really seems to dislike the company of other rhinos and is almost always found alone. However, he has recently been spending time with Naitamany (ID #4) and her calf Ntangaswa.

He’s fairly relaxed around people and is always a good one to track as he allows you to get quite close and it takes a lot to spook him but he can get suspicious and run away. Some of the rangers talk of getting safely within a few metres of him. Most rangers consider him one of the nicer rhinos.

Profile by Stuart Butler, journalist & photographer.