Name meaning: ‘The Second One’ in Maa

  • Sex: Male
  • Date of Birth: March 2017
  • Born: Sera Community Conservancy


The word ‘Loijipu’ means second one in Maa (the language of the Samburu people) and, surprise, surprise, he was the second calf born actually in Sera. Unfortunately, he was abandoned by his mother, Nairenyu (ID #9) the day he was born and shortly afterwards was transferred to the Retiti Elephant Sanctuary to be hand-reared. He will likely be re-released to Sera in 2018.

As he’s still very young he retains his curious and playful child-like attitude and will come right up to visitors to Retiti to sniff them but, because he doesn’t yet know his own strength, he will often accidently knock people over. He has his favourite keepers at Retiti and won’t even emerge from his sleeping quarters in the morning if one of his favoured humans isn’t there to get him up. Even though he sees and hears the orphaned baby elephants at Retiti everyday he doesn’t mix with them at all.

He spends most of his day under the watchful eye of one of the keepers walking around the scrubland surrounding the sanctuary and he returns only to sleep and drink his milk. As a fast growing youngster he drinks a lot. Currently he’s on around 16 litres of human baby milk formula mixed with glucose and porridge oats per day.

Under near constant watch by his human carers he is likely to be very relaxed around humans once he’s re-released into Sera.

Watch Loijupu trying to get attention for his milk from his carers at Reteti HERE.

Video courtesy of Saruni guest Yvonne Whitcomb of Truffle Pig Travel.

Watch inquisitive Loijupu growing on confidence at Reteti HERE. Video courtesy of Isabel Salgar, Saruni guest.

Profile image courtesy of Rozana Bozabalian, Saruni guest. 

Profile by Stuart Butler, journalist & photographer.