Name meaning: ‘The Second One’ in Maa

  • Sex: Male
  • Date of Birth: March 2017
  • Born: Sera Community Conservancy

The word loijipu means second one in Maa (the language of the Samburu people) and was the second calf born in Sera. Unfortunately, he was abandoned by his mother, Nairenyu (ID #9) the day he was born and shortly afterwards was transferred to the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary to be hand-reared. After being cared for, after 18 months he was returned to the Rhino Sanctuary under 24/7 surveillance in an attempt to ‘re-wild him’. Three years on from his release into Sera’s wilderness, he is taking his time to carve out his territory and in developing the skills he needs to survive in the wild.

Profile image courtesy of Rozana Bozabalian, Saruni guest.