Through the eyes of Lemeria Nchoe

Q: You have been a guide for many years and experienced different parts of East Africa. Tell us what inspired you to take up guiding as a profession?
A: I love conserving wildlife and I like to show to guest generating revenue for the local people.

Q. What is your most exciting / memorable story / sighting?
A: Seeing a lion kill a wildebeest in the middle of the day.

Q. Why do you love Kenya?
A: It’s my home country, and I love differences its offers.

Q. What makes Saruni different?
A: They provide an original safari style so guests can have an authentic experience.

Q. What is your favorite animal species in the Mara and why?
A: A leopard because they are so beautiful and challenging to spot.

Q. As a Maasai man yourself, what do you wish for the future of the Masai Mara and of the Maasai people who live there?
A: I wish it to maintain it best wildlife ecosystem in the world and the Maasai to embrace it and protect it.

Q. Why would you recommend Saruni Wild to those who visit the Mara?
A: It has the best guides and amazing

The only way to describe Lemeria Nchoe is to say that he is different from anybody also. A very traditional Maasai in his upbringing, with very little formal education, Lemeria has such a sophisticated understanding of how nature works and how animals behave that occasionally we are all tempted to think that he has supernatural powers! When on safari with Lemeria, you can be assured that not only you will see all the wildlife that is out there – including the species that are impossible to spot – but you will experience how a Maasai who grew up in exactly the same way as his ancestors can “feel” the bush and can always be in the right place at the right time. Whether at the river crossing during migration or looking for aardvarks in a remote corner of our conservancy, bird-watching on our Kilileoni mountain or following the wild dogs at the tented camp, Lemeria is the guide for the connoisseur who doesn’t necessarily want to be “entertained”, but wants to see as much as possible. Lemeria has many legendary adventures to tell you, from how he killed lions when he was a young boy to when – more recently – he decided to fight a leopard and survived, albeit with scars! A game drive with Lemeria never disappoints and we highly recommend him as a unique person and a unique guide.