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Through the eyes of John Ole Nchoe

Q. What is the most exciting / memorable story / sighting?
A. So many! But my favourite has to be a recent one whereby I was out with some guests and we saw leopards mating. This was really amazing to see and extremely rare. The guests couldn’t believe the noise and the fact the leopard were not shy at all!

Q. Why do you love Kenya?
A. First of all it is my country so I cannot possibly not love it! All Kenyans feel very attached to their homeland. We are so proud of our country and happy to show it off to the world.

Q. What’s the strangest / funniest thing you have ever been asked?
A. Haha, guests always ask if hippos eat meat! They have heard they are the most dangerous animal in Africa and assume they eat humans. This is not the case!

Q. When was the last time the wildlife of Masai Mara scared you?
A. Too often in my past profession as a ranger. Once, I was patrolling at night and an angry hippo stormed out of the river and chased me up a tree. I waited there for hours and hours until it let me down when the sun came up and it had to get back to the river.

Q. What motivated you to become a guide?
A. I was dreaming of this job for a very long time. I saw a number of my friends and colleagues guiding and envied them. I was a ranger and doing lots of walks with guests which I loved so it was natural to start guiding and I am forever grateful for the opportunity with Saruni.

Q. What makes Saruni different?
A. There are many camps in the Mara but we are truly special as the staff, from the guides to the waiters are all from this area. Furthermore, the training we have had is also very unique and makes us stand out from the rest.

Q. What is your favourite animal species in the Masai Mara?
A. Animal: leopard , every time. I love them but most importantly it is what makes my guests the happiest, so therefore I am always happy to see them. Bird: I love birds so much. The grey crowned crane is my favourite, they are so beautiful and we are lucky to often see them here in the mara.

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