Through the eyes of Charity Lemein

Q.What is the most memorable story/sighting?
A. Not long ago, one of the females from The Lemek Pride killed a wildebeest at noon. Lions often rest during the day, but this female jumped at the opportunity for an easy meal and made the kill in front of us in the midday heat. 

Q.When was the last time the wildlife of the Maasai Mara scared you?
A. A bull elephant in musth approached the vehicle, seemingly wanting to rub himself against us. He was highly aggressive and accompanied by a considerable rise in reproductive hormones. I was a little nervous!

Q.What motivated you to become a guide?
A. Following my great passion for wildlife and conservation, I decided to learn how to be a guide. As a nature lover, I wanted to be part of conservationists efforts. Generally, I treasure mother nature and am an ambassador for the environment.

Q.Would you recommend being a guide to the other women in your community?
A. Definitely, I would 100% I recommend it. It is an incredible experience for animal lovers.  

Q. What makes Saruni different?
A. Saruni is an ideal place for guests looking for a place to go again and again. It has a fantastic feel and has close ties with my Maasai Community. You can experience our traditional daily life when you visit the village or school. The remote forested valley makes Saruni Mara more spectacular and unique.  The knowledge and experience of the senior guides inspire me to want to learn more. The team are great to work for, and they motivated me during my internship when I was studying in Koiyaki Guiding School. I managed to lead the whole class of 2017/2018. Saruni is my new home.