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Photographic Hide

At Saruni Samburu we offer our guests a unique experience for Kenya: access to an elephant-proof, open ground level hide based at a waterhole, where from both novice and professional photographers can photograph animals and elephants from ground level. Designed with the needs of photographers in mind, buried underground, and covered with earth on three sides as well as on the roof, located a few steps from our waterhole (which is also being re-designed), it is ‘painted’ with Samburu red earth and covered with shrubs and bushes: the perfect spot for ‘stealing’ amazing images of what occurs at our well-frequented waterhole. It can have up to 8 guests inside, it has maps and books available, and bean bags for photographers.

The waterhole at Saruni Samburu offers a unique opportunity to spot from very close up the elephants that come and drink its water, the fantastic birds species and the ‘Samburu Five’; reticulated giraffe, Beisa oryx, gerenuk, Somali ostrich and Grevy zebra. Being in the middle of an arid area, the hide also provides excellent opportunities to photograph from ground level and from very close up the predators of Samburu, especially lion and leopard.

See more images of our photographic hide, HERE.
Download the Saruni Samburu Photographic Hide document below.
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