Northern Kenya

Far away up in the North, Kenya is expansive, unexplored but rich in color and in experiences. Every day, the sun seems to be smiling down on this part of the country with sights, sounds and sceneries that are of unmatched beauty.

The Big North – as is now known (in the colonial days of Kenya it was called The Northern Frontier District) – is unlike any other destination on earth. This is the place for once-in-a-lifetimes; where wilderness and culture meets epic adventure. And the icing on the cake? It is responsible tourism at its very best. The reputation of Northern Kenya has been transformed in the past few years by a community-driven determination to promote and maintain peace, protect the region’s unique wildlife and habitats, and preserve diverse and historic cultures. This area is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. Vast, arid, made of epic landscapes, rich in wildlife, home to some of the most interesting communities in East Africa, authentic: this is where Saruni has two properties, Saruni Samburu and Saruni Rhino in Kalama Conservancy and Sera Conservancy respectively.

The spectacular landscape of Northern Kenya is said to be one of the last true wilderness areas in Africa. Cultures here are as diverse as the wildlife and habitats. Yet, poverty rates are some of the highest in the country, and a harsh climate challenges the livelihoods of a largely pastoralist population. However, by establishing community conservancies, people are now finding ways to link wildlife conservation to better pasture, higher income, and the growth of sustainable businesses. This is putting more children in school, empowering women through jobs and financial literacy, and building the capacity of rural communities to lift themselves out of poverty.