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‘Magical Kenya Signature Experiences’

Saruni makes it into Kenya Tourism Board’s ‘Magical Kenya Signature Experiences’ Collection

We are delighted that two of our iconic activities have been inaugurated into Kenya Tourism Board’s 2021-2022 ‘Magical Kenya Signature Experiences‘ Collection.

The Magical Kenya Signature ExperiencesCollection is a compilation of authentic and exceptional travel experiences, selected by the Kenya Tourism Board, that best showcase the ‘fascination’ and ‘seduction’ that Kenya has to offer, beyond the mainstream tourist activities.

Riccardo & Elizabeth of Saruni at the unveiling ceremony

The Award-Winning Activities


Image by past Saruni guest Hali Helfgott

With Saruni Rhino, our intimate 3-banda camp as a base, we offer guests a scintillating, ‘thrill-of-a-lifetime’ experience: a walking safari tracking black rhino on foot, accompanied by a guide and a highly-trained Sera Conservancy ranger leading you in safety to the locations of some of the 18 rhinos throughout the 54,000 hectares-large Sera Rhino sanctuary.

Our expert Samburu guides game drive you a tracking distance away from the nearest rhino, leaving the vehicle and continuing on foot (very lightly to not give away our presence) to metres from the grazing rhino. The tension is palpable as you come across the rhino in such close proximity for the first time; heart beating, pulse racing, curiosity and excitement mounting – it doesn’t get more thrilling than this. Watch here

To find out more about ‘The Black Rhino Tracking Experience’, visit the website here.

To check availability and to book this Signature Experience at Saruni Rhino, visit here.


Whilst on safari at Saruni Mara or Saruni Wild in the Masai Mara, we offer our guests the chance to participate in a complimentary activity called the ‘Warriors Academy’. The Warriors Academy is a special interactive safari experience with a strong educational flavour, designed especially for families with children or small groups. It is a fun learning experience, that allows guests to explore not only the wildlife, but also the authentic lifestyle of one of the culturally fascinating tribes left in Africa; the Maasai. Under the tutelage of their ‘Moran’, or warriors, guests get to know, enjoy and understand these unique people and see the Kenyan wilderness from a different perspective.

The Warriors Academy is a totally different walking safari, in addition to the ‘usual’ safari activities, that leaves a big impression long after. A mixture of cultural insights, physical exercise, learning and family-bonding time! Watch here

To find out more about ‘The Warrior Academy, visit the webpage here.

To check availability and to book this Signature Experience at Saruni Mara, visit here.

Download our Magical Kenya Signature Experiences’ Collection PDF below

To watch the whole ‘Magical Kenya Signature Experiences’ Collection, click here

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