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Hot Air Balloon Flights

PAYABLE EXTRA: Imagine seeing the beauty of the Mara and witnessing the vastness of the annual natural phenomenon that is the Great Migration from above.  This once in a lifetime experience gives you a unique perspective of the beauty of Africa as it awakens.  Starting just before dawn you will enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea whilst the crew inflates the balloon and then set off just as the sun has risen, drifting across the plains, forest and Mara River you are sure to spot a myriad of animals whilst being basked in the early morning glow of sunrise.  The air current in the Masai Mara is said to be one of the best in the world meaning that you glide effortlessly and silently being able to observe animals in their natural habitat without them even knowing that you are there.  Drifting wherever the current takes you, you will finally land where a welcoming champagne breakfast is served on the plains and then take a leisurely game drive back to your lodge.

Our lodge managers will assist you in planning your stay with us, day by day, upon your arrival.

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