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Game Drive Etiquette

Don’t crowd – 5 cars at a sighting: Crowding animals separates families and can spoil a hunt. We never go where there are more than 5 other cars already at a sighting, or we remain 100m away.

Keep your distance – 20 metres: To see wild animals behave naturally we keep a good distance: from at least 20m away.

Keep it to a whisper: Many animals are afraid of the human voice. Don’t disturb animals by shouting, clapping, cheering etc. Switch off your mobile phones or keep on silent.

Respect your guide: Please do not ask your guide to break the rules by approaching animals too closely – disturbing wildlife or exceeding five cars only at a sighting. If your guide breaks the rules, please let us know.

Keep out of thickets: Never push inside thick bush or thickets so as to damage the vegetation. These areas take years to regenerate and are essential habitats and resting places for animals.

Stay on track – no off-road driving: We help prevent soil erosion and damage to plants by sticking to existing roads and cut tracks.

Drive slowly: The speed limit is 40km. We take time to enjoy the scenery and drive with care.

Stay in the car: Getting out of the vehicle close to wildlife is dangerous and is strictly forbidden. This rule also applies for standing on rooftops – your silhouette can disturb the animals. Only leave your vehicle at picnic sites and sundowner spots under your guide’s instruction.

Night game drives: Night game drives can only take place in designated areas. We return to the lodge no later than 10pm.

Respect our rangers: The Rangers protect the wildlife and the environment. Respect their work and co-operate with them when requested.

Don’t litter: Litter spoils the environment and it can be dangerous for the animals. Please take all waste back to the lodge with you. Feeding animals causes them to behave abnormally.

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