5. When is it the best time to visit?

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Saruni Samburu is open all year round and a safari is recommended during any month of the year. The resident population of wild animals remains spectacular from Jan-Dec, with a high concentrations of wildlife and birdlife. The ‘Samburu Five’ (Beisa oryx, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich and gerenuk) are abundant in any season. Elephants are one of the main attractions in Samburu any day of the year. Just keep in mind that January, February and March tend to be the hottest months in what is – normally – a hot and arid part of the country.

Saruni Samburu stands at 2500 ft. altitude. The Samburu ecosystem is a well-known area in central Kenya comprising of Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Samburu National Reserve and Kalama Conservancy. The natural environment is arid and semi-arid; open scrub and grasslands with significant environmental variation 2 based on altitude. Highlands of the Leroghi Plateau (Ldonyo) are relatively cool and well-watered. Lowlands (Lpurkel) are quite dry and hot, semi-desert.