of Saruni/Old Boma Ltd. during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Effective 20th March 2020 until further notice

We understand clients’ need for more flexibility at this time of uncertainty due to not being able to travel as planned during the on-going COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Saruni/Old Boma Ltd. has a commitment to responsible tourism and conservation; to the landowners and communities in which are lodges and camps are located. Due to the conservation industry’s need to keep funding community conservancy leases & management, we encourage our clients and agents to postpone travel rather than to cancel.

In light of this, we have temporarily amended our previously-issued 2020/2021 Standard Cancellation Policy, as per the below.  This ‘Temporary Special Covid-19 Cancellation Policy’ applies only to confirmed bookings (secured with a deposit) and subsequently postponed confirmed (secured with a deposit) bookings prior to 20th March 2020. For all NEW confirmed (secured with a deposit) bookings from 1st August 2020, standard Booking Procedures, Terms & Conditions apply for the year of travel.

This Temporary, Special Policy will be in force and remain in place until such time that we need to revise it to reflect new circumstances, when the World Health Organisation declares the pandemic over or restrictions impacting travel (in particular countries or advisories in place where Saruni/Old Boma Ltd. operates) are lifted and we can reinstate our standard 2020/2021 Booking Procedures, Terms & Conditions.

Postponement of Confirmed Bookings:

❖ Clients can postpone their confirmed (secured with a deposit) 2020/2021 safari and may re-book to another date within 12 months* of the original arrival date. Any change of rate season will need to be factored in and pricing adjusted accordingly.

❖ Clients who wish to postpone their confirmed 2020/2021 safari (secured with a deposit) but who cannot confirm their new dates of travel at the time of notifying us, will receive a ‘credit note’ as a down payment towards a future safari. The credit note will be valid for 12 months* from the original arrival date.

Terms & Conditions
• We must receive the request to postpone a safari 30 days* prior to original scheduled travel;
• Rescheduled bookings are subject to availability;
• For clients postponing travels to 2021, we will honour our original 2020 Rates & original 2020 Special Offers (note: excludes any subsequently-issued special, revised rates or offers);
• All re-bookings will revert to the original, Old Boma Ltd. Standard Booking Procedures, Terms & Conditions once they have been re-booked for new travel dates unless this ‘Temporary Special Covid-19 Cancellation Policy’ still prevails;
• In the case of any amendment (after postponement) followed by a cancellation, we reserve our right to apply cancellation fees from the original amendment date;
• Third-party accommodation and logistics are subject to their own policies;

*All exceptions can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Please note: Saruni/Old Boma Ltd. makes the above amendments to their standard booking terms and conditions without prejudice to its rights. Saruni/Old Boma Ltd. will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and reserve the right to revise policies as new information becomes available.



For any further information, please contact our Reservations team
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