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Ugandan Airlines Magazine, Uganda

Grazia, Middle East

By Saruni In the Media

July 2019

Nothing could be more spectacularly safari. Motoring through a majestic landscape of rich greens, wild mountains and then moving in to dense, rustic, brown forestry until you arrive at the Saruni Samburu lodge in Northern Kenya. A tiny cluster of tented luxury villas sit perched atop a mountain offering intoxicating views of Kalama Community Wildlife Conservancy, which borders Samburu National Reserve.  Saruni,…  Read the article

Nomad Magazine, Kenya

By Saruni In the Media

June 2019

Tracking black rhinos on foot in Sera Conservancy is a unique and thrilling experience that allows wildlife lovers to contribute to the protection of these critically endangered species. This is said to be the first time black rhinos are back in their habitat in the north after 30 years following a translocation, with a population of at least 13. One is almost guaranteed a sighting,…

Style Master, Taiwan

By Saruni In the Media

June 2019

十十肯亞航空一大清早到了奈洛比,走出機場外,氣溫涼爽舒適跟我亼心中的非洲有點不同,總覺得非洲應該是熱到土地裂開,動物口站在地上,腳要一直翹起來才不至於被燙傷,這樣的氣溫真的是旅遊的好伴侶,導遊今天的工作是把我送到國內線機場,再轉搭飛機到 Maasai Mara自然保護區,進行一場可能是我觀看野生動物或是我被獅子吃掉的旅程,國內線的飛機有些規定你可能要先知道,他們是不准硬殼行李箱上飛機的,不管你的行李箱是德國百年品牌Rimowa ,或是購物台昨天才剛發明,卻說有六百年歷史的,…

Daily Nation, Kenya,

By Saruni In the MediaNo Comments

7th April 2019

We woke to the roar of a lion. Well, my wife did. When I eventually opened my eyes, she told me she was sure it was a lion. Maybe it was, because on a game drive the previous evening, we saw a lioness leaving the waterhole way down on the plain below our villa.

We were at Saruni Samburu, which has the most dramatic location of any lodge I have ever stayed in. It’s like an eagle’s eyrie…  Read the article

PAA Magazine, In-flight magazine of Precision Air, Tanzania

By Saruni In the Media

January – March 2019

Cecilia Rono has become the first female lodge manager in her own community, running the boutique Saruni Mara. In 2007, when Cecilia Rono began working as a house-keeper at Saruni Mara, the management knew they had a star in the making. And so it has proved. She now runs the boutique lodge, making her the first female general manager of a luxury safari property in the Masai Mara and possibly in Kenya. That she runs Saruni Mara, nestled in a secluded…

Elite Traveler Magazine

By Saruni In the MediaNo Comments

March 2019

With only six eco-villas on the property, Saruni Samburu is a private oasis with exclusive access to over 200,000 acres of Kenyan wilderness (in fact, you won’t find another property for miles). It’s located just north of the Samburu National Reserve and has spectacular views of Mount Kenya and the private wildlife sanctuary, Kalama Community Conservancy.

MOJEH Magazine, Dubai.

By Saruni In the MediaNo Comments

20th January 2019

The skies open, thunder ferociously roars in the distance and lighting strikes across the otherwise ink-black horizon. Until barely five minutes ago, the sky was a black mass punctuated only by the intense shine of its stars. Having traveled from a polluted Dubai, it’s a rare and exciting treat.

But we’re in Northern Kenya now, and this is only a whisper of the natural splendor that’s about to unfurl.  Read the article

Business Daily Africa

By Saruni In the MediaNo Comments

12th October 2018

Tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo has been talked about world over, but few know about following black rhinos in Samburu’s Sera Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya.

At the community-owned Sera Conservancy, we started the unique and thrilling journey of tracking rhinos at 6am because the animals generally sleep during the day to escape the scorching heat.  Read the article