Fasten your seat belts as we take-off for the Big North

Saruni has launched the much anticipated ‘scenic flights & transfer’s operating from our Kalama Airstrip in Samburu, Northern Kenya during the months of July, August & September 2018.

This new service allows our guests to experience panoramic flights over the incredibly diverse Kenyan landscape as well as shortening travelling distances with flight transfers in a Cessna 206 aircraft, between Saruni Samburu, Saruni Rhino, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary and many other destinations in the region.

The scenic flights have been carefully developed in cooperation with Scenic Air Safaris, designing selected low altitude routes offering guest’s unparalleled experiences of spectacular magnitude with the first flight scheduled for take-off today, the 1st of July. We are confident this once-in-a-lifetime experience will appeal to all visitors looking to explore the Big North of Kenya.

Journey onto destinations unknown and so off the grid that they are largely inaccessible by road. The flights enable the opportunity of increased experiences within the same time frame and here we want to explore some of these spectacular destinations to incredible landmarks and breathtaking views.

Flights take you from the world’s largest alkaline lake regarded as ‘the cradle of mankind’, over enormous calderas, active volcanos, lakes filled with flocks of flamingos and so much more. A picture speaks a thousand words so we want to take you on the enthralling journey through images of one of our favourite routes to show you just the treasures nature has to offer to which is now easily accessible in comfort with Saruni.

For further information on all we can offer kindly visit our website HERE or contact but not until we leave you with some food for thought

Here we journey into Lake Turkana, the Suguta Valley & Lake Logipi… 

All images courtesy of Scenic Air Safaris