Sarunity Style

Whether it’s the vastness and pristine beauty of the natural landscape, the sense of being at one with the universe, or simply finding quiet time for self-reflection and gratitude away from the hustle and bustle of modern life – Saruni offers the ‘perfect switch off and free your spirit’ opportunity!

Thanks to many past guests sharing their safari memories with us on social media – especially on Instagram – we realized there was some key ‘trending’ happening – ‘Sarunity’ at its best.
‘Saruni’ is a Maa word (the language of both the Maasai & Samburu tribes) which means ‘sanctuary’ or ‘place/source of refuge and comfort’.

Judging by your images below – you agree!

Images courtesy of Abby Venturer, Dana Spagnuolo, Danae Mercer, Elisalex de Castro, Rebecca Larsson, Larissa Hoops by Stevie Mann Photography and Molly Chiang by Feral Film Productions