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2022 #WhyILoveSaruni Competition – Shortlisted Entries

Our 2022 #WhyILoveSaruni photo & video competition on Facebook & Instagram has come to an  END!

We have had some stunning, creative and truly original photographs and videos. Each one submitted was a perfect capture of ‘#WhyILoveSaruni’ – or at least – why YOU do!

Below, for your viewing pleasure, are our favourite shortlisted finalists each month from when the competition started in July 2022.

So which photo will be ruled head and shoulders above the rest? Voting officially begins and will go on for two weeks starting 5th -18th with the winner announced at the end of January in our Newsletter!

Congratulations to all those who made our shortlist and all the best!

December 2022

Samburu Nights

by David Christman

Rock Solid

by Jon Pallet

Quintessential Mara

by Jon Pallet

One with the stars

by David Christman

Watch Me

by Jon Pallet

Seed of Hope

by Britta Kaercher

Young Mane

by Jon Pallet

November 2022

Full Frontal

by Petrabarbieri

Branching Out

by Mekoce

Sky Safari

by Katie Mau

River Action

by Mekoce

October 2022

Rare Albino

by Matteo B

Leopards Love

by Katie Mau

Into The Distance

by Steph and Ben Lang

Maridadi Hairstyle

by Vincent Dirckx

On The Prowl

by Matteo B

Close Inspection

by Matteo B

September 2022


by Mekoce

Lunch in the Wild

by David Charmatz

Spotted Tenderness

by Beena Balu

August 2022

Jumping with Maasai

by Andrew Chand

A lions gentle touch

by Mekoce

Ancient Wisdom of Samburu

by Dirckx Vincent

Magical moments in the air

by Mekoce

July 2022

Admiring the view Saruni Samburu

by Lindsey Puls

Wildebeest Crossing in Mara

by Alberto Sfulcini

Ready for a Saruni Safari

by Kruti Shah

Baby elephant charging at our vehicle

by Lindsey Puls

Special Experience in a Samburu Village

by Devorra Parker

Grevy Zebra

by Annette Marino

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